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Ingrid Kerma was born in 1942 in Eberswalde near Berlin in Germany. She studied Fine Art at Reading University,UK and took her MA at Goldsmiths College, London. She lives and works in both London and Berlin. She has exhibited extensively in Britain and Germany and throughout Europe. Her work can be found in many collections in Europe and America as well as in corporate collections, such as Economist, London. Ingrid Kerma comes from a tradition of artists who are non-representational and do not even employ symbols in their work. She proves anew that painting depends principally on colour, line, form and space. and that highlighting these elements can itself be the content of a painting. The use of pure pigment of mainly blues and maroons characterises Kerma's recent work. These paintings have a seductively deep, rich, matt surface, suggestive of velvet. The colours she uses are simply incandescent. They follow from an intense exploration of the potential of monochrome and near-monochrome abstraction, which shows little sign of losing its fascination for her.